Updated Research Paper Guideline and Rubric

Students in Mr. Rossi’s U.S. History II class (THAT ARE TAKING THE CLASS FOR COLLEGE CREDIT) will have to still complete their 5 page research paper. Please find an updated rubric attached here. THE NEW DUE DATE IS TUESDAY APRIL 28TH Pretty much the only thing that is different is that I’m only requiring a 5 page MLA cited research paper. I am not requiring note cards, an outline, or rough draft. Just the final draft of your paper. Please just email me your paper when it is completed at prossi@muasd.org. IF YOU ARE NOT TAKING THE CLASS FOR COLLEGE CREDIT THAN YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE THE RESEARCH PAPER AS OF THIS TIME. IF THIS CHANGES I WILL NOTIFY EVERYONE AND EXTEND THE DUE DATE.

Research Topic Summaries

MLA Format Citation Guide

Welcome to our Penn Highlands U.S. History II class website!

Remember if you need to meet me, our classroom is Room 205 but my main headquarters is Room 110.

If you need to contact me, my email is prossi@muasd.org

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